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We love to work with IT guys.

We have experienced in recruitment.

Therefore, here we are, provides headhunting service to IT companies with a very competivative price.

We also operate a recruiting website which only focuses on IT jobs in Vietnam, 100% FREE for employers and job seekers.

All Levels (Staff, Manager, CxO...) 99%

Technical Roles (Dev, QC, Designer...) 80%

Non-Tech Roles (HR, Accountant, Marketing...) 20%

IT job posting for FREE 100%

How it works
  • Step 01: Verify recruitment information
    The Employer (You)
    JobSeeker.vn will work with your HR in order to collect information about company's business, job requirements, salary and other benefits...
  • Step 02: Confirm using recruitment service
    The Employer
    The employer will sign a service agreement in order to confirm using our recruitment service.
  • Step 03: Approach potential candidates
    After analyzing the job requirements, our recruiters will find and approach potential candidates
  • Step 04: Recommend suitable candidates
    We recommend candidates to you.
    Your HR will consider interviewing the most suitable candidates.
  • Step 05: Interview arrangement & Follow up
    Our recruiter will support you in arranging an interview with the candidates.
    We will follow up with both employer and the candidates for information updates and interview outcome.
  • Step 06: Employment offer & Payment
    The Employer
    Your HR will confirm the employment offer to candidates who passed interviews. We will follow up with the candidate until he starts working at your company.
    You will only pay for service charge after employment commencement date.
How much does it cost?

Level 01:

Level 02:

Salary (VND)

Salary < 12,000,000

Salary >= 12,000,000

Service Fee

Salary x 1.5

Salary x 1.8

Salary means the gross-based monthly salary of employee applied after probation period including allowances regularly paid.

Service fee doesn’t include VAT (10%).

Successful placement is when the candidate signs the employment offer letter or commences employment with your company.

Service fee is to be paid within 05 days since the first day the employee begins his/her work with your company.


We guarantee 60 days for each successful placement.

In case the candidate resigns within guarantee period, we will provide 01 replacement for the same position.
If the replacement candidate is at different amount of service fee, you will receive a refund or pay more for the difference.

Refund options won't be available for replacement candidate.


If the employer requests for refund instead of a replacement, we will:
- refund 100% of paid service fee if candidate quits the job within his first 15 days.
- Or, refund 80% of paid service fee if candidate quits the job from 16th to 30th day.
- Or, refund 50% of paid service fee if candidate quits the job from 31st to 60th day.

The refund doesn't include paid VAT.


We will NOT guarantee if the candidate resigns or is dismissed due to organizational changes at your company, including but not limited to: reorganization, elimination of the position, takeover, or material change in job responsibilities.

In case you employ the candidate introduced by us within 01 year, we shall regard it as a successful result of our service hence claims our service fee to you.

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JobSeekers.vn is a recruiting website which focuses on IT Jobs in Vietnam.
We provide a good job portal which helps thousands of qualified IT people find their dream jobs from great employers in Vietnam.

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